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The Philosophy Special Interest Group is led by Richard Walker.

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Philosophy, which I love, is not just an intellectual pursuit – it has a vital social function in what I see as a profoundly troubled world. U3A is the perfect forum for starting to think about the big questions that arise from the decisions made by countless millions of people just like me, who have given little or no thought to the consequences. Think of plastic! The first step to finding a solution to the worlds problems is to understand ourselves better, and then perhaps we can offer a meaningful answer to “The Meaning of Life.”

Richard Walker.

Meetings of the Philosophy Special Interest Group during the 2024 Summer term will be held on:

16th May at 2.30 in the Studio

The Philosophy SIG session on 16 May examines the impact of two different sets of ideas on law reform. Th first of these is the so-called harm principle developed by John Stuart Mill regarded by many as one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century, in his Essay on Liberty published in 1859. The harm principle is outlined in one of the attachments to this e mail, including an examination of its recent use in Parliament by opponents of a new Bill that seeks to eventually make cigarette smoking unlawful.

The second philosophical approach that will be examined is human rights. With the Universal Declaration on Human Rights 1948 and the European Convention of Human Rights 1950 at its fore, the idea of human rights has been perhaps the most prominent political ideology in the post Second World War period, with some writers claiming that it is:

“[an] idea whose time has come. [N]ew life has been breathed into the idea of human rights. It has never before occupied such a prominent position either domestically or internationally.”(F Klug [2000] Values for a Godless Age: The Story of the United Kingdom’s New Bill of Human Rights p.2)

To examine this claim, we will discuss the recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (HUMAN RIGHTS AND PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT) that determined that climate protection is a human right.

Rob East

13th June at 2.30 in the Studio

This session will examine the philosophy of work. In preparation, you may wish to read the following article (Philosophy of Work)

Richard Walker

To gain a better understanding of the areas discussed at past SIG meetings, have a look at the Philosophy Background Reading Page