Aspects of History

Status:Active, open to new members
Venue: Theatr Brycheiniog

Aspects of History is a relatively new SIG group. We are not historians but share an interest in how history links the past to today, and in so many instances ‘repeats itself. ‘  

We would both like to have a high level of audience participation, moving away from the  lecture style format towards a facilitated forum.  

We are an interest group and we look to gather facts and hopefully learn from each other’s  research and knowledge. A period or event in history is chosen by the group and members can prepare for the next session. A bit of homework is generally required by most of us!  

The Next Meeting of the Aspects of History Group will take place on: 

4th July at 1.15 in the Studio

Following on from our 'inspirational Welsh Women' last session’, we are looking at  the impact Lucy Walters  had on British  history.

Our topic, therefore, is "William of Orange and the Monmouth Rebellion'.

We look forward everyone’s input so, as usual, a bit of homework is required!
Come and join us ! “